Environmental Pollution

Alda Biçoku


The problems related to guaranty a sustainable environment in the city of Elbasan are numerous and appear quite complex. The environmental problems of Elbasan are significantly related to the pollution of the land and water, as well as to the damage of the biodiversity. The inherited pollution in Elbasan is related to the strong industrial development that has experienced this city before the years 1990. The inherited waste of
these industrial units consist in large quantities of fine powders, iron concentrates, ferrychromium slag and other solid residue and contaminants in the water resources of the zone. Air pollution has as source not only the industry but also the urban transport and
infrastructure damaged roads, burning of solid waste, construction sector, combustion of propane and butane gases for heating and cooking, the existing way of clearance squares, pavements and roads. The main source of pollution in the agricultural lands of Elbasan in the years is considered Metallurgical industry and less other industrial agents. Taking into
consideration these problems this paper is focused in the study of the quality of the air and groundwater in the areas of Elbasan Municipality for the period January-November 2014. There are analyzed PM-10, NO2, CO, O3, SO2 content and the results are compared with the European Union standards and national regulations in purpose to show if are in the
limits recommended by the European Union or Albanian regulations and if the effectiveness of the mitigation measures limit emissions from the most important sources.

Keywords: Elbasan, air, industries, pollution, water.

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