Jionky M. Cariaga, Jun Jun R. Ramos


The study investigates the reactions through open ended questions. The acacia tree is a multi-purpose tree, the local and traditional knowledge related to the tree varies from different areas. The study aims to effectiveness of polvoron made of acacia tree. It includes a total of fifty seven (57) GAS and TVL students are the respondents participated in this study from grade 11 Gold and Silver. Purposive sampling method was used in selecting the respondents. The result is the researcher substantiated that polvoron made of akasya Acacia is a tree that offers many advantages. It has also benefits such as decoction of inner bark used for diarrhea, colds, and intestinal ailments, leaf infusion used for treating blood pressure. Therefore, it is highly recommended for us, local knowledge related to akasya should be originated, documented and transmitted among the coming generations to guarantee protection and conservation in Cabatuan, Isabela, Philippines. Thus, it is necessary to invent new things.

Keywords: Akasya, Sampling, Investigation, 2017-2018, umbraculiform tree, etc. 

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Bautista Rosalyn and Adangna Narcisa (2010) Effects of acacia in different Concentration of the Isabela State Univesity. ISU Journal.

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